Dev, motorcyclist, dreamer and coffee lover.

I’m trying to solve peoples problems with code or by removing it :)
I had a pleasure to work with companies of many sizes, from microscale restaurant services up to big investment banks.

I’ve got into computing believing it’s for introverts. That it will be me versus the computer.
Now I know it was a lie.
Computers are just tools, it’s human interactions that matter.
That’s why I’m trying to share my knowledge (through this blog, speaking on meetups and conferences or conducting workshops) or work on building IT community (by organizing dev@LDZ meetup and helping in various IT events).

Throughout the years I’ve learned to value solid design and clear code more than newest frameworks and libraries. Learning different languages and paradigms allows me to look at problems from various angles and perspectives.
I believe that removing code is also a feature!

If you would like to do something together mail me , drop me a message on LinkedIn or just ping me on twitter .