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Today I would like to invite you to a conference that will be held in Łódź next week called DevForge.
It will be first time in Łódź and it’s being organized by Transition Technologies PSC, so hats off to them :)
The event will take place on 13th of April in ‘Odlewnia’ Piotrkowska 217.
Whole thing is not free, but the tickets are as cheap as 20 PLN and all that goes actually to charity (to a fundation called ‘Słonie na balkonie’) so you can’t go wrong here. You can meet likeminded people, learn some stuff and help others!

I will be giving one of the talks there.
I’ll be talking about GIT, but you won’t hear how to make a commit or create a branch, rather how this works internally, what a ‘commit’ or ‘branch’ really means.
So if you’re interested in GIT and would like to understand why things work as they are, feel invited!

Besides me you can see three other talks:
Bartłomiej Witczak - Types in Frontend World
Marcin Zajączkowski - Spock vs JUnit 5
Paweł Zubkiewicz - Serverless design in practice
Additionally whole event will start with AR demo.

Hope to see you there!

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