Marcin Biegała

4 minute read

I’m a yes man.
I’m a yes man to a point that it starts to be just stupid.
You have some idea for IT event and need some help? OK!
You need to get big, three doors wardrobe on to the 3rd floor without an elevator? Count me in!
Damn, I caught myself lately on agreeing to pick up from the airport people I don’t know and get them to the event I’m not related to by any means.
And before you ask me for money - my default answer is NO now :)
At least that’s how I try to…

Marcin Biegała

6 minute read

For past 4 years now, few days in September were reserved for developer fest - DevDay :) This year was different, but only a little.
So as hopefully everyone is already aware, DevDay is no more, but Michał and Rafał who were responsible for all previous editions had started new conference called DevConf. And if you met those Guys, you know you can’t go wrong with an event organized by them! So was it good?
Hell yes!
Name, logo and few details have changed, but DevConf proves that…

Marcin Biegała

3 minute read

The pace in IT is unbelievable.
Sometimes I have a feeling that not reading my RSS/twitter/any other feed over the weekend would make me miss 2 new languages, 4 acronyms, 14 new javascript libraries and a lot of drama.
But that pace is not reflected in actual projects being run in IT.
We left simple html webpages and js applets long behind us. Software development is serious stuff now. And it became a vital point of many companies. I know projects planned for years ahead. Those that have version…