I believe IT as a whole industry is special in regards to how eagerly we share our experiences with each other.
I think there is not any other domain so full of conferences, meetups or workshop events. For years I was a participant or trying to help organizers. For some time I’m trying to switch sides a bit and share my own experiences with the audience.

If you’re interested in what I’m writing about or what I’m doing, I’ll be glad to talk about it on your meetup or even.
Mail me , drop me a message on LinkedIn or just ping me on twitter .


Past Appearances

28-08-2018      Letnia szkoła GIT - Make Sense in IT
17-03-2018      Wprowadzenie do GIT - DevWarsztaty Kraków
03-03-2018      Gdy czas ma znaczenie. Tworzenie aplikacji internetowych z Go Buffalo - CareerCon Kariera IT
30-03-2016      GO - pierwsze wrażenia - Dev@Ldz Meetup
30-01-2016      Wprowadzenie do GIT - DevWarsztaty Warszawa
24-05-2015      RethinkDB - bo czasem trzeba zrobić krok w tył - Dev@Ldz Meetup